• Social Justice Boot Camp
  • Student Leadership Program
  • The Archives Project


  • The Justice Thurgood Marshall  Amenity Center @ P.S. 103
  • Anti-Black Racism Initiative


  • Annual Judge Alexander Williams Jr. Center Lecture



Working in collaboration with the University of Maryland and community stakeholders, the Judge AW Center strives to address social inequalities resulting from histories of discrimination, injustice, and the disparate impact of educational, legal, and social policies that further exacerbate gaps in achievement, opportunity, and socio-economic outcomes among vulnerable populations in Maryland, the U.S., and throughout the world. Through the development and scaled implementation of signature programs and strategic initiatives in the areas of education, justice, and ethics, we aim to address persistent disparities; level lingering and current inequalities; and equip, encourage, and empower the next generation of global citizens, critical thinkers, ethical leaders, social engineers, and innovative entrepreneurs. We will realize this vision through the implementation of a targeted strategy to Advance social justice, Invest in PreK-12 education, and Manifest systemic or institutional change through ethical public policy reforms that restore and empower beloved communities. This A.I.M. strategy helps us remain intentional about our work in the restorative social justice space, while informing best practices that operationalize our Theory of Systemic Change (TSC), which takes aim at social inequality through an equity lens. The diagram below highlights the three core activities that constitute our social impact, praxis, and evaluation cycle, and which enable the Judge AW Center to serve as a catalyst of triangulated systemic change.