The Student Research Associates/Assistants (SRA) The Leadership Development Program at The Judge Alexander Williams, Jr. Center for Education, Justice & Ethics is a highly competitive paid internship offering a unique professional development opportunity for graduate and undergraduate students. Collaborating closely with the Hon. Judge Alexander Williams, Jr., the center's dedicated staff, and partner organizations, participants engage in research on pressing policy, advocacy, and social justice issues aligning with the center's mission and programs during the Summer, Fall, and/or Spring semesters. Notably, graduates of this program have gone on to serve in countless leadership positions around the world, showcasing the program's effectiveness in preparing students for impactful careers in their respective fields. It is a transformative experience where students can hone their skills, contribute meaningfully to societal progress, and build a solid foundation for future success.

The individual(s) selected for this program examine, research, and develop policy recommendations for Judge AW Center reports and publications in addition to supporting special projects, signature programs, and strategic initiatives designed to promote civic engagement, racial equity, and restorative social justice in alignment to find comprehensive solutions to the prevailing ethical questions and systemic challenges posed by growing structural inequities and disparities.