Kole Long, Temple University



Kole Long currently attends Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where he is majoring in Media Studies and Production with a minor in Business. At school, Kole is a member of Temple’s Black Student Union and a crew member of “The Vibe,” a Temple TV program thatfocuses on hip-hop and black culture. He will graduate in 2023. Kole is Maryland native and attended high school in Washington, D.C. at the Maret School. In the future, Kole plans to attend business school with the hopes of one day working in the media and entertainment industry. Despite not knowing exactly what career he wants to pursue,Kole hopes to help change the way media functions in America by creating a platform for those normally left out of the conversation. With interests in both writing and technology, Kole’s work mainly focuses on building the Judge AW Center’s new website and newsletter.






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